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2.5-layer Gauze Towel

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A special layered weave that is neither double nor triple, and pursues usability.

"2.5-layer gauze towel" was created by a special gauze weave that uses 20th cotton thread and halves the fabric in the middle of the triple gauze. By weaving irregularly, it is soft and soft and has a unique feel. It is not bulky, stiff, and dries quickly while maintaining high water absorption. 

The size is a little larger than usual, a large-sized bath towel (L) that can be used for various purposes, a bath towel (M) that is easy to wash and easy to carry on the road. 

Color dyeing creates a three-dimensional effect by making a slight difference between the vertical and horizontal threads, giving it a more natural texture.

Available in 2 sizes (M and L) and comes in 4 colours (White, Navy, Charcoal and Latte). 

Bath towel - M: 58cm × 100cm
Bath towel - L: 88cm × 140cm
Material: 100% organic cotton
Made in Japan