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Mini Wooden Bauble

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Each bauble is turned individually from offcuts of wood from the workshop. Finished in a plant-based wax blend for a subtle sheen and add a faux-suede hanging loop. 

Each bauble measures approx. 6-7cm long (varies depending on shape) with a hanging loop drop of 5cm.

Beautifully unique pieces which will be treasured for many Christmases to come.

As each bauble is unique in shape and design and will be randomly selected for you. Enjoy the surprise or get in touch to find out what shape/design we have in stock. 

You may select the shade you prefer - Light, Medium and Dark. 


Some of the wood used for the various shades are: 

Dark: Olive Ash, Elm

Medium: London Plane, Oak, Ash

Light: OaK, Sycamore